AR Proof-of-concept

10 Week Design-led Technology Exploration and Prototype based on existing data models from 3rd party partners and the store’s live systems currently in use. The AR App experience connects shoppers with products that match their lifestyle at a glance.

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Product Detail Screens

AR as a New Marketing Channel

The value and benefit for the customer makes this a powerful use case, but it also creates a very one-to-one communication channel to the user. The data profile on diet, health, social good, sustainability and more delivers very personalized content that is truly relevant to what the user wants. It also flips the script to allow the shopper to be in total control of what they engage with in this exciting and new emerging marketing channel. As a brand expression, unique and delightful moments can be created like a 'shower of balloons' in AR to celebrate little moments like completing your shopping list.

Amazon Alexa Integration

Alexa already has a built in list function, so it only felt natural to extend this feature into the store. Creating what is called an 'Alexa Skill', the app can retrieve the list anytime and display the list items in AR throughout the store, so shoppers can see what isles items are located.

Promotional, List and Recipe Screens

Shortening the Distance Between Customers and Information

The experience dynamically changes to best match the information shoppers should see based on distance from products. The features and functions of the app are all specific to the distance range the customer is viewing. The UI and content is displayed to support the notion of quick glances so users are never walking around staring at AR. All detail views switch to a card view that locks to the screen for normal phone viewing behavior.

1' View

10' View

25' View

What We Learned and How We Defined Success

The WFM|365 AR App is a useful tool that displays relevant product information at-a-glance to shoppers. It’s also convenient to use since AR can be easily viewed right on a smartphone, revealing a delightful experience that balances fun with practical discovery of content that keeps users engaged to come back and use frequently. Although the POC uses ‘AR as a Feature’, there are many option to further develop into something more. The main challenges that were uncovered were more technical around the accuracy in certain conditions and the angle that the phone was used. These are all solvable with further testing and development.